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New York Best Restaurants, Best Restaurants in NYC with 3 michelin stars -

Restaurants in New York, Best Restaurants in NYC With 3 Michelin Stars

By admin | Oct 30, 2017

New York City is internationally regarded for its love affair with food and fine dining. There are so much different culinary and culturally diverse menus to explore that it would take one person an entire lifetime to barely crack the surface of New York City food establishments today.

Naturally, since the selection is so large, it can be especially hard for people to identify which restaurant they want to pick for their night out on the town.

Thankfully, Michelin named the top 5 restaurants in New York City worthy of their 3 Michelin Star review, reserved only for the best of the best. Their selections, preferred destinations with celebrities and the city’s top socialites, boast the best menus in the world with a team of chefs and personalities alike.

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private jet airports USA - top 10 private jet airports in the us TEB SNA MIA OAK PBI IAH FLL  FRG HPN VNY

Top 10 Private Jet Charter Airports in The United States

By admin | Sep 9, 2017

Today’s top airports with high-end accommodations for luxury travelers,
celebrities, heads of state, CEOs, fortune 500 companies, and any other person who is “somebody” only flies in style today. Private jet airports are where they choose to arrive and depart their favorite places, multiple homes, business dealings, and the list goes on. Flying aboard their private jet charters, high-end travelers use only the best airports in the world that are equipped to accommodate their air crafts and individual needs.

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South Beach Miami Luxury Hotel The Nautilius South Beach - luxury travel resort villas hotels hotel world private island golf resorts spa style romantic beach exclusive vacations family couples

Luxury Hotel in Miami, The Nautilus South Beach Luxury Boutique Hotel

By Luxury Journey Trend | Jul 1, 2017

South Beach Miami has plenty of luxury oceanfront hotels when it comes to lodging, but only cherished experiences stay in your mind forever. We tried a new option the last time we were in Miami just to spend the day with the kids during a family vacation.

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best caribbean resorts & hotels.

Caribbean Luxury Hotels – Best Luxury Hotels in the Caribbean

By Luxury Journey Trend | Jun 9, 2017

Today’s top luxury Caribbean resorts. With dazzling sunsets, crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches and high-end accommodations, it’s easy to see why the islands are a favorite luxury playground for couples and families. Come to the Caribbean to experience everything it has to offer! Each island is unique, and each has something delightful in store for you.

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Top 10 Reasons To Flight Private Jet Charter

Top 10 Reasons To Fly Private Jet Charter

By Luxury Journey Trend | May 25, 2017

Flying private jet charter is the ultimate luxury experience and now more than ever the demand for this lavish comfort has surged.
There are many reasons to book your flight on a private jet charter. We are going to highlight the most important ones for business, pleasure and family leisure.

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private jet charter - gulfstream 650ef - luxury journey trend

Private Jet Charter

By Luxury Journey Trend | May 25, 2017

If you are looking for private jet charter services for business and leisure. See why more people prefer to flight privately today! Find the best private jet brand in the industry.

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New York City Wedding Venues, Most Luxurious Wedding Venues in Manhattan

New York City Wedding Venues, Most Luxurious Wedding Venues in Manhattan

By Luxury Journey Trend | May 24, 2017

While many people think luxury wedding venues and best destination weddings usually take place on islands, Europe and other parts of the world; surprisingly, New York City is one of the preferred destinations for engaged couples abroad. One of the many reasons to this is what we all have seen in the movies. Celebrities and high profile individuals, take New York over any other city because it can still be private, luxurious and most of it, fun. It is also accessible to friends and family that may come from far. Arguably, there are many more places where you could host a lavish and luxurious wedding like Miami, London, Florence, Venice, Paris, Los Angeles, The Caribbean ean, Dubai and Hong Kong just to name a few.

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Luxury Resorts, Villas & Hotels in Miami - Luxury Hotels Miami

Miami Luxury Hotels – Luxury Resorts, Villas & Hotels in Miami

By Luxury Journey Trend | May 1, 2017

There is no doubt that Florida is a very popular destination. We don’t even have to leave the country to experience beautiful beaches, deep – sea fishing and the most inviting luxury beach resorts.
When it comes to Miami, the delight of staying at the top oceanfront resorts is an unforgettable experience. Miami knows best when it comes to elegant modern amenities mixed with historical features.
Unwavering taste and pristine rooms await you to have amazing experiences and unforgettable vacations or quick getaways. Miami has the best nightlife and nightclubs in the world

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Best Luxury Resort & Spa Experience at The Grand Luxxe - Our Family Vacation - Riviera Maya, Mexico

Our Family Vacation – Best Resort & Spa Experience at The Grand Luxxe

By Luxury Journey Trend | May 1, 2017

Our experience at the Grand Luxxe at Riviera Maya was close to a dream. Yours will be too!
You will feel as an exclusive guest from the very beginning at this formidable resort. Transportation along the Vidanta at Riviera Maya can vary; however, we were treated to private carts that would pick us up and drop us off at any location across the hotel complex.

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