A Budget-Friendly New York Hotel with Luxury Accommodations

The Big Apple offers families a ton of activities to keep the kids entertained and this New York hotel offers budget-friendly luxury accommodations.

New York with Kids

Our Kids love New York, and there are so many reasons why; after all, New York City is the capital of the world. So, every year we try to spend a few days in a Hotel in the City. This time we chose the CitizenM Hotel. The reviews were excellent and the location was just what we were looking for.


A Budget-Friendly New York Hotel with Luxury Accommodations - citizenM New York Bowery Hotel
Our Kids love New York, and there are so many reasons why; after all, New York City is the capital of the world. Location CitizenM Hotel Bowery

Bowery Street Boutique Hotel

CitizenM has two hotels in NYC, one in Midtown and one in Lower Manhattan. Bowery Street Boutique Hotel was the right selection us!

Our first impression was everything. Once we arrived, there were many ambassadors ready to help us, the lobby was impeccable and had a really cool vibe. For a boutique hotel, we thought the check-in was so innovative, efficient and inviting to the kids.

We proceeded to the elevators and went up to our floor. The cool vibe accompanied us throughout the journey; we appreciated the fact that New York was celebrated in the decoration. The ambassadors told us about street art on the staircase but we wanted to leave that for later.

You are going to think the room is too small, but the truth is, it isn’t! It is spacious and has a place for what you should need, we had two rooms, they look exactly the same. Coolest feature: an iPad that controls the lights and shades in the room. You can set the ambience to what you desire; this was a winner feature for the kids. 

The bed is as huge as cozy and our view to east lower Manhattan was just what we wanted. 

It is a very European hotel in the sense that the space is more efficient than generous but it was never an issue.

We had some plans for our weekend in the city but wanted to start by knowing more about our hotel. Downstairs from the check-in area is an actual lobby that is more an experience than anything else!

Full of art and modern design, the space is great for a drink, watching a movie, playing a board game, read, work on your laptop etc.

All the “Citizens” were great and it was easy to meet other families.

On our way down, we decided to take the stairs following the recommendation from the ambassador and checked out the street art. This was amazing! We did not go any floor without commenting how awesome this was. Again, we appreciated what they did to celebrate the city.

There are various places for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the vicinity. And if you are not too familiar with the area, the hotel is in short distance of more known neighborhoods. 

We had booked breakfast at the hotel so we stayed, and breakfast was epic! Many options for everyone and coffee was on point. We run errands during the day and couldn’t wait to come back to CitizenM to rest. We have recommended it to all of our local friends and those that are far away. People always ask for an affordable yet nice hotel in the city and we finally have one! CitizenM

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