New York, Vegas & Miami Best Nightlife Scenes

Complete with hotel recommendations and city profiles, Luxury Journey Trends is your number one resource for all things travel. Their magazine caters to travelers from all walks of life, including individuals, families, and couples. For the thrill seekers out there, Luxury Journey Trends has recently created a list of vacation destinations around the U.S. with the best nightlife scenes. Before you plan your next trip, check out their top picks, oriented to upscale audiences that enjoy the lush things in life.

Best Nightlife Scenes in United States 

New York, NY

­­­Luxury Journey Trend’s founder, Diego Molina, the founder Luxury Journey Trend magazine, is based in the NYC metro area, so it’s no wonder the city holds its number one spot. Regardless of the personal connection, New York has rightfully earned its title as “the city that never sleeps.” The natives and attractions are always buzzing with energy, no matter the time of day. Trendy eateries dot every street corner, and innovative bars grace every borough. NYC is also a driving force in the arts as well as the fashion industry, giving visitors plenty of avenues to explore.

Although there is something for everyone in New York City, it definitely has enough for those with exquisite taste that enjoy the good things in life. From Broadway VIP experiences to the very best restaurants and parties, you will get the insights at Luxury Journey Trend.

Best Night Clubs in New York City

Las Vegas, NV  

A close second to NYC, Las Vegas boasts one of the country’s most vibrant nightlife scenes, both in a literal and figurative sense. Every night of the week, their world-famous Strip is alive with twinkling lights, bustling casinos, and roaring clubs. For those who prefer a quiet evening, Las Vegas is also home to hundreds of gourmet restaurants and high-end retailers. These locations showcase the city’s softer side, while still giving you a taste of “Viva Las Vegas”.

Trending now, the many residences that top artists have in this amazing city and what is offered to audiences that want a once in a lifetime experience.

Best Night Clubs in Las Vegas

Miami, FL

Off the coast of the glittering Atlantic Ocean, Miami is known for its stunning vistas and its lively bar scene. Rooftop venues

are their specialty, with ambiance ranging from classy to rowdy depending on your preference. When you’re not enjoying a moonlit cocktail, be sure to visit South Beach. A surfer’s dream by day, and a party-goer’s haven by night, Miami will surely appeal to your inner thrill seeker. Miami gives luxury a whole new meaning with its ambiance and sexiness.

Best Night Clubs in Miami

Instead of reading about them, why not experience these dazzling, nocturnal cities for yourself! But before you pack your bags, remember to visit Luxury Journey Trends online. There, you’ll find a host of valuable travel tips to help you throughout your journey. For more on Diego Molina’s upcoming trips and projects, call (201) 838-1687.

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