Top 10 Private Jet Charter Airports in The United States

Today’s top airports with high-end accommodations for luxury travelers,
celebrities, heads of state, CEOs, fortune 500 companies, and any other person who is “somebody” only flies in style today. Private jet airports are where they choose to arrive and depart their favorite places, multiple homes, business dealings, and the list goes on. Flying aboard their private jet charters, high-end travelers use only the best airports in the world that are equipped to accommodate their air crafts and individual needs.

These are airports for important travelers, bringing fixed-based operators (FBOs) to the
next level for the top of the top.

If you’re considering a private aircraft and want to land it at one of the best private
jet charter airports in the world, check out our top 10 list below:

1. Teterboro Airport – Teterboro, New Jersey KTEB / TEB
One of the oldest operating airports in the New York City metropolitan area today,
Teterboro focuses on working with the smaller, private flier in need of special
support and attention. Equipped with five FBOs, Teterboro can provide every private
jet what it needs to continue on.

2. John Wayne Airport – Santa Ana, California KSNA / SNA
Located in Orange County, John Wayne Airport is the only commercial service
airport in the county, located 35-miles south of LA.

3. Metropolitan Oakland International Airport – Oakland, California OAK / KOAK
As the Bay Area’ second largest airport in existence, Metropolitan Oakland
International Airport is constantly working to create a world-class travel experience.
They’ve solidified their spot as a top choice for leisure and business layovers.

4. Miami International Airport – Miami, Florida KMIA / MIA
Known to be a major atmospheric hub right now, Miami International Airport also
specializes in working with private jet charters and high-end fliers looking for that
beautiful Miami relaxation.

5. Palm Beach International Airport – West Palm Beach, Florida KPBI / PBI
Bringing state-of-the-art architecture and design to the overall airport layout, Palm
Beach International Airport wins Traveler’s Choice Awards from TripAdvisor year
after year. The airport prides itself on providing an eye-catching, clean experience
for any seasoned and luxurious traveler.

6. George Bush Intercontinental Airport – Houston, Texas KIAH / IAH
Comprised of three different airport hubs, George Bush Intercontinental is a massive
stop for any kind of traveler today. Specializing in high-end passenger
accommodations, George Bush certainly delivers time and time again.

7. Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport – Fort Lauderdale, Florida KFLL / FLL
With direct flights to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America, and more, Fort
Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport is a logical solution for any kind of
high-flier looking for the island experience before they even land at their

8. Republic Airport Long Island’s Executive Airport – Farmingdale, New York KFRG / FRG
Conveniently located along the NY Route 110 Business Corridor, Republic Airport is
a businessman’s airport. Dedicated to the constant improvement of service as a
business-oriented airport, CEOs can find everything they need to run a business
right from this airport location.

9. Westchester County Airport – White Plains, New York KHPN / HPN
Located in the wealthiest county in New York State, the Westchester County
Airport was conceptualized for NYC’s top talent decades ago. Today, it still holds up
to its initial vision.

10. Van Nuys Airport – Los Angeles, California KVNY / VNY
Situated in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys is dedicated to the non-commercial air traveler. Any kind of high-end flier will find every accommodation
and relaxing amenity they need at this specialized private charter airport.

If you own a private jet, you deserve to travel in style. These 10 airports make your
experience a priority today.

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